Spector disappointed by devs focusing more on “combat mechanics” than interactive storytelling

By Stephany Nunneley, Thursday, 6 January 2011 19:44 GMT


Warren Spector has stated in an interview with Develop he’s a bit disappointed that the gaming industry tends to focus more on combat mechanics when it should be looking to include other interactive means of compelling gameplay.

According to Spector, the majority of game developers are more focused visual flash than immersion.

“I’m disappointed by the fact that we still focus solely on combat mechanics and rendering techniques, at the expense of other things we could be devoting energy and effort to,” he told the site. “We could be focusing on non-combat AI and making conversation as compelling as fighting for a change. Wouldn’t that be great? We could be focusing on making storytelling truly interactive.

“We just focus on prettier pictures and flashier graphics attached to more impressive combat scenarios, and honestly, that just bores me”.

Spector’s latest title, Epic Mickey, was released in November on Wii, and received relatively high scores landing in the seventies and eighties, with Giant Bomb giving the lowest score (40/100) of all sites reporting to Metacritic.

So far, the MC score for the game sits at a respectable 72.

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