Team Meat’s next project likened to “the ginger between sushi entrees”

By Brenna Hillier, Monday, 3 January 2011 06:17 GMT


After the stick-to-your-gut offerings of Super Meat Boy, you can’t blame Team Meat for looking for a palate-cleansing follow-up before moving onto the next course; speaking to Game Informer, the indie developer has described its next project as similar to “the ginger between sushi entrees”.

The studio’s Tommy Refenes said team is in two minds on its next game, but considering a smaller, lighter title – perhaps on a handheld console.

A less-weighty release will help to wash the Super Meat Boy taste from the team’s mouths before embarking on their next epic, he said.

Having said that, Refenes admitted that the two-man company’s approach to development is not so structured as to preclude a blow out.

“Regardless of the size of the game we’ll just start it and if we like it a lot it will get bigger and bigger and bigger,” he said. “If we feel like we can just do it, get it out there, and be happy with a smaller game then we’ll just do that.”

Super Meat Boy famously began life on flash-enthusiast website Newgrounds, before releasing on Xbox Live Arcade and PC late last year to thunderous critical applause and enough financial success to fund Team Meat’s continued existence.

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