Path of Go is first 360 game to use F Sharp code

By Johnny Cullen, Monday, 3 January 2011 10:48 GMT

path of go

Path of Go, a sim created by Microsoft researchers and now released on Xbox Live Arcade, has brought an AI-played version of the complex game of Go to the mass audience, and marks the first ever 360 title to use “F Sharp” code.

Path of Go, in development since 2004, replicates the ancient Chinese board game.

Where as most simulators would only be for hardcore players, Path of Go is said to be just as accessable for the casual user.

The game has apparently managed to successfully replicate Go’s possible 361 simultaneous moves, compared to the 20-30 possible in western chess.

PoG comes from the minds of Microsoft researchers, who created it with “F Sharp” programming language as well as the results of around 250,000 matches.

Microsoft now hopes for the AI tech from PoG can be used for other projects as well as games.

Path of Go is out now for 400 MS points. There’s a video of it over at Kotaku.

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