Final Fantasy XIV producer promises to “reboot” and “rebuild”

By Brenna Hillier, Sunday, 2 January 2011 23:08 GMT


Newly incumbent Final Fantasy XIV producer Naoki Yoshida has kicked off 2011 with an open letter to fans (and detractors) of Square Enix’s beleaguered MMO, promising some radical work on the game.

Yoshida referenced last year’s sudden shake up of the game’s development team in the wake of vocal review criticism, and revealed a new design manifesto includes the telling buzz words “rebuild” and “reboot”.

This apparently sincere approach to rebuilding faith in the much-derided game lends optimism to the prospect of new content in upcoming months. A coy poem, largely incomprehensible even to those steeped in the game’s canon, suggests a cataclysmic set of events for your intrepid hero.

Before we get excited about that, though, there’s a poll to complete as to which aspects of the game are most in need of a tune up.

Current FFXIV account holders can visit the poll to air their opinions on what stays, what goes, and what should head up the queue for a major overhaul.

FFXIV was released in September last year for PC. Naoki Yoshida took over from Hiromichi Tanaka as producer on the project in December.

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