New BioWare teaser shot shows first-person perspective, humans

By Johnny Cullen, Thursday, 9 December 2010 11:20 GMT

bioware teaser

CVG‘s carrying what it claims to be a still from the trailer of BioWare’s VGA reveal. It’s close, children.

The shot shows a first-person perspective where a woman is seen to be reaching out to a child.

I won’t spoil it for everyone by telling you what the game is,” a source told the site.

But it’s going to have a lot of hardcore BioWare fans jumping out of their seats.”

EA’s apparently confirmed it’s a shot taken from the trailer, but not much else.

BioWare teased on Tuesday in its latest binary code a red herring. So far, pointers are indiciating that the title is somewhere in the Mass Effect universe: a multiplayer-based spin-off the main event, Mass Effect 3.

We’ll find out this Saturday at the VGAs.

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