“If you’re having no fun making your game then you’re in trouble,” says Hello Games boss

By Stephany Nunneley, Thursday, 9 December 2010 15:43 GMT


Hello Games boss Sean Murray thinks developers should be more enthusiastic when it comes to not only developing games, but when showing their works off to the public.

Speaking at Evolve in London yesterday, Murray showed a video to attendees of the Hello team laughing themselves silly while playtesting its Joe Danger title, proving his point about having fun while creating a game.

“If you’re having no fun making your game then you’re in trouble,” he said. “Interactivity is what makes games unique. People shouldn’t run away from that. They should embrace that. Some game developers, they don’t play their own games, they don’t feel it’s an expression of themselves.

“I think that’s very sad.”

Murray also chatted about how to make games more fun, and how motion controls can be indicative of fun, providing the game contains accuracy to go along with the controls.

“Inaccurate motion control actually reduces interactivity and that’s harmful,” he said while showing a video of a Kinect Joyride players coming in third in a race despite apparent lack of movement.

“It’s such as shame, it’s such a lost opportunity,” he commented. “It is actually a good game, but there’s a danger of making games too casual and removing interactivity, and you see that sometimes. I think even the casual gamer doesn’t want to just have reward.”

Joe Danger is out now on PSN and had DLC released for it last month.

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