LOTRO getting Radiance revamp in Q1 2011, and lots of other good stuff

By Stephany Nunneley, Saturday, 4 December 2010 21:03 GMT


All we have to say regarding that is: THANK YOU and hooray.

Turbine has been thinking about revamping Radiance gear and Legendary items for quite some time, and it looks like a lot of players (not all, obviously) prayers will be answered next year.

One the changes coming to Radiance gear – is the full on removal of the Radiance buff. Those who grinded the instances like the Grand Stairs over and over again just to get gear to do the Turtle or Watcher runs will no longer need the extra buff. You will still need tokens for dread more than likely, but you won’t die the moment you step into the instance anymore, thankfully.

That’s a smart move on Turbine’s part – in our opinion – because unless you went into an instance that dropped Radiance gear with a clear idea who was getting the drop instead of just rolling for it – you could run the exact raid a gazillion time and never get it. Granted, tokens would get you the gear, but that also constituted a lot of grinding.

Those who grinded for the gear and will be upset over the time they feel was wasted should not worry: You’re still l33t and we know it, so go on with your badassed-self and continue being a warrior Gandalf would feel proud to know. You rock, regardless.

According to the latest developer diary from producer Kate Paiz, Legendary items will get two upgrades next year.

“One in the Q1 release, and one later in the year,” she wrote. “The goal is to respond to a bunch of your feedback and to incorporate some more versatility, flexibility and less randomness into the system. We’ll certainly be releasing a dev diary on the Q1 changes as we get into next year.”

First Age Legendary items will also be available as rare drops through Instance Clusters across Eriador in Q1 along with a couple more in the Anniversary Update along with a new raid.

Of course we are also working hard on a whole bunch of other features, which you probably heard some of in the press around our Rise of Isengard Expansion pack announcement. I wanted to touch base briefly on each, and give you a sense for what we are thinking, and potentially when each might be released.

There’s also good news for Monster players. According to Kate, the goal with the PvP upgrade expected with the release of the Rise of Isengard Expansion, is “to provide all players with an avenue to participate in monster play”. This means F2P usuers will get access to the Ettenmoors, which will hopefully populate the region once again.

Other updates to the game include a Cosmetic System Upgrade, the possibility of Cosmetic Pets for non-Lore Masters, more Tasks in the Lone-Lands for reputation purposes, and allowing F2P folks to participate in the Epic Questline for Moria and Mirkwood and even level to the 65 cap.

It sounds like there’s a lot in store for both subscribers and the free-to-play folks.

Check out the developer diary in full over on the official LOTRO site.

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