Patcher: MS and Sony desire belief in Kinect and Move shortages

By Joe Anderson, Monday, 29 November 2010 09:46 GMT


Michael Patcher has said Sony and Microsoft are both bending the truth when it comes to the availability of Move and Kinect, in order to great a demand for sales.

Speaking in an interview with IncGamers, the Wedbush Morgan analyst was particularly damning of Sony.

“I think both companies would very much like for consumers to believe that their devices are highly sought after and difficult to obtain. That usually works to spur demand.

“Sony shipped 2.5 million units in the US and Europe, and their sales are nowhere near that level, so I’m not sure how they can reconcile the fact that units shipped far exceed units sold.”

Pachter was a bit kinder to Microsoft.

“I do think that Microsoft is managing supply a bit better, and keeping standalone Kinect supply tight to make sure that there is a steady supply through Christmas.

“They’ve shipped a lot of console bundles to ensure that the eBay price doesn’t get above $300 for the standalone unit, but supply of the standalone remains tight.”

“Sony is trying the same strategy as Microsoft with Kinect, making sure that there are plenty of bundles, but controlling supply of the standalone controllers.”

Kinect launched in November, following a Move launch in September.

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