Minecraft’s Persson: “If you’re actually open” regarding development and sales you appear “genuine”

By Stephany Nunneley, Friday, 26 November 2010 21:41 GMT


Mojang Specifications’ head Markus Persson has said he posted information on how well Minecraft was selling online because he’s “generally an open” kind of person.

Speaking in and interview with GI.biz, Persson said he allowed the sales to be placed front and center not because he is a braggart, but because he likes “sharing that information”.

“Originally it was for the people who had brought the game could see like a number increase on a webpage or something,” he said. “I think it’s a good sign, if you’re actually open with your development and you’re also open about the sales, it feels like you’re genuine in some sense.”

Persson also chatted a bit about the alpha price of the game, which will raise a bit once it goes into beta and gold, and he prefers the game to continue to be self-funded.

“I think one kind of small problem with Minecraft is it’s kind of cheap, and people who want to pay more can’t pay more… If I had more business sense I probably would have raised the price a while ago,” he admitted, “But I try to , if I promise something, stick to that.

“We’re getting other types of interest now, people who want to throw money at us. I’d rather have [the games] just be self-funded, because we can run the company we want. If we fail with a game it’s because we failed it, not because we had to rush it to meet a deadline.”

Hardcore mode is expected to be introducedto Minecraft  soon, which may add more players to the already 2,106,332 registered users.

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