Mass Effect 2: 83% played as male Shepard

By Patrick Garratt, Wednesday, 24 November 2010 07:43 GMT


Guess you lot really aren’t into girls.

Destructoid’s published a bunch of BioWare stats from Mass Effect 2, showing that the vast majority of players chose to stick with a male Shepard. Never saw that coming.

  • 83% of players created their own face for Shepard
  • 82% play as male Shepard, 18% as female Shepard
  • The Soldier class is far and away the most popular class at 65%
  • [Archangel] was among the most popular squad members selected for missions
  • 10% of players never let [the Krogan] out of [his /her thing]
  • Only 50% of players have fully upgraded the [ship] by the end of the game
  • 14% of squad members die in the end-game, on average
  • 36% of players chose the [renegade choice] in the end-game

We have nothing to add. Go back and play as a woman before BioWare announces whatever it’s going to announce at the VGAs on December 11.

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