John Carmack: “I have an itch to make a Kinect title”

By Nathan Grayson, Friday, 19 November 2010 07:18 GMT


If you’re hoping for something in RAGE’s cash-packed ballpark, however, you’re flat out of luck.

“I can’t use Kinect for our real games; there just isn’t a place for our current FPSes on there,” id Software Brain-God John Carmack told Joystiq. “But it’s an interesting technology, and an Xbox Live game would be the perfect platform to do something like that on, at about the same scale of [a game for] an iOS device.”

Carmack described his attraction to Kinect as an “itch” – adding, however, that he “doesn’t even know” what type of game he’d like to create just yet.

How about something involving dancing, sports, or fitness, John? We’re pretty sure those things have never been done to death before.

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