Swarm screenshots show off a bunch of little blue fellas

By Stephany Nunneley, Thursday, 18 November 2010 15:59 GMT


Hothead Games has released six new screenshots of its zany action-platformer Swarm, and we’ve posted the group below for your viewing pleasure.

The downloadable title is set to land on PSN and XBL in early 2011, and as we’ve told you before, it allows you to “take control of 50 utterly fearless Swarmites and drive them through an intense, entertaining and often suicidal battle of survival”.

“We’ve been working hard on Swarm for a while now and think it’s our most addictive game yet,” said Joel DeYoung, drector of game technology for Hothead Games. “The Swarmites are both lovable and deliciously expendable at the same time-the game’s creation is proof positive of the dangers of excessive exposure to Saturday morning cartoons we were warned about so many years ago. Swarm is exactly the genocidal romp your parents hoped you’d grow up and marry someday.”

Swarm allows you to move all 50 Swarmites at once where the little blue fellas will naturally flock and flow around obstacles. Then, you must to work your way through a really brutal environment with quite a few casualties along the way. No matter, there are respawn points, where you can build your army back up to 50.

Check out the PAX walkthrough video here.

The screens below are divided into two groups of three, one for XBL and the other for PSN.

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