Conduit 2 uses Headbanger headset instead of Wii Speak because Nintendo wanted it that way

By Stephany Nunneley, Tuesday, 16 November 2010 23:04 GMT


High Voltage has said Nintendo asked the developer not to use Wii Speak in The Conduit 2.

Instead, the game will use the previously announced Headbanger Headset for Wii.

“We have a Rival system that allows you play with people who aren’t just your friends and it will be chat-enabled using the upcoming Headbanger headset,” the firm’s CCO Eric Nofsinger told Bitmob. “Not the greatest name but it’s actually a pretty good device. Nintendo told us to not use Wii Speak.”

The first Conduit used Wii Speak for online chat, but this time around you’ll have to buy a Headbanger. Not this kind of headbanger, though.

Conduit 2 is out in February. Check out a trailer for it here.

Thanks, D’toid.

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