Miyamoto tells investors Mario games will be made in both 2D and 3D on 3DS

By Stephany Nunneley, Tuesday, 2 November 2010 17:41 GMT


Shigeru Miyamoto told investors during Nintendo’s latest financial call the company will release not only 2D and 3D but Mario games for 3DS.

3D does not mean stereoscopic 3D games for Mario though, as Miyamoto pointed out that current polygon-based 3D visuals give players a sense of being in the action and provide more freedom and choice.

“When asked ‘what will we do on 3DS,’ the answer is, of course, we’ll make both,” said Miyamoto. “They both have their own appeal.”

According to the Mario creator, the 3DS’s 3D display effects could help both types of offerings, and for the 3D versions, it can be difficult to perceive depth, but using 3DS with 3D turned on, you can see more clearly what is close to you.

The 3DS’s 3D effect also “gives a great feeling of existence to Mario, Link and others,” said Miyamoto, as he feels his games are made with characters which have weight in movement.

For 2D Mario games, Miyamoto said there’s already depth-based effects in the games, as some characters fly at the the screen from from away.

“It’s difficult to tell when they will hit the player, so we were only able to use these lightly,” he admitted. “However, we’ll be able to use this type of thing quite a bit on the 3DS.”

Some videos of 3DS gameplay featuring some high-profile titles can be found here.

Via Andriasang.

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