MAG Escalation pack hits PSN next week

By Johnny Cullen, Friday, 29 October 2010 06:55 GMT


Zipper Interactive’s announced that all-new MAG DLC, known as the Escalation pack, will release next Tuesday.

The content includes the release of new game mode Escalation, which sees all three PMCs – Raven, SVER and Valor – coming together for objective based gameplay.

It’ll hold 96 players, 32 players on each PMC.

According to the US PS Blog, it works like this:

The aspirations for each PMC is to earn the requisite number of points before time runs out or, if time does expire, to have the most points overall. Whichever team meets this goal wins the map and additional Shadow War points.

Escalation gameplay is set up in two phases: For phase one, all three teams battle to hold the map’s A, B and C objectives — but when any of the three PMCs gains control of two of the three objectives, phase two begins.

In this second phase, the original three objectives are locked and a new fourth objective (D) opens up. Now, the PMC that forced the phase shift must defend objective D against both attacking groups as long as possible; if D is lost, then play reverts back to phase one again and the war continues on until we have a winner or time runs out.

New weapons are included.

Zipper’s also confirmed that the previous DLC pack, Interdiction, has been reduced to $4.99, with a MAG Starter Kit, which contains content of “almost $30 (US) value” priced at $14.99.

Last month, MAG was updated to version 2.0, which included support for PlayStation Move.

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MAG Escalation Pack

Zipper Interactive

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