Halo: Reach terror stat update: 16,445 “man-years” wasted so far

By Patrick Garratt, Monday, 18 October 2010 20:42 GMT


Just think, right, what could happen if all this time was spent actually achieving something. No? Let’s go, Spartan.

Bungie’s dropped a bunch of new Halo: Reach figures, proving once and for all that humanity will eventually become extinct because it was playing videogames. Sad but true.

From here. Look:

  • 16,445 Man-Years have been spent playing Halo: Reach (Not to be confused with Dog-Years)
  • 784,000,000 player-games have been played (1 game with 4 players is tallied as 4 player-games)
  • 544,000,000,000 Credits have been earned (spend that money, playa!)
  • 3,900,000 Screenshots have been uploaded (and plenty of them feature juvenile looks at Kat’s “bad side”)
  • 5,970,000 total files have been uploaded (your bandwidth bill is in the mail)
  • 300,000,000 Mountain Dews were do’d

This is since the game launched in September, obviously. There’s nothing more to say. Enjoy your inevitable oblivion.

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