High Voltage “taking measures” to “preemptively thwart” hackers and cheaters in The Conduit 2

By Stephany Nunneley, Thursday, 7 October 2010 22:30 GMT


Keith Hladik, the producer for The Conduit 2 has said the game’s multiplayer has been completely overhauled for the sequel, and the developer has been working with Nintendo to thwart cheaters and hackers this time out.

Speaking with Gaming Nexus, Hladik detailed the new four-player split-screen co-op, 12-player online multiplayer and loads of other neat additions to the game.

“We have been working with Nintendo on banning hackers since the first game’s release,” said Hladik. “We are going to support downloadable patches and hot fixes that will help fix exploits found. We are also taking measures to ensure the same types of hacks on the first game do not happen on Conduit 2.

“I obviously can’t go into much more detail other than to say we are working hard to preemptively thwart hacking in Conduit 2 and will continue to work hard on solving any problems that may arise.

“We’re [also] really excited about Conduit 2’s multiplayer. One thing in particular is that players can set up to 4 load-outs for their characters. Players can choose from a wide variety of weapons and suit upgrades. Players can now take two weapons and up to four suit upgrades with them into multiplayer matches. With so many weapons and suit upgrades available (some unlocked), players can play how they want.

“Another big feature for Conduit 2 is the inclusion of split-screen multiplayer, which supports up to four player multiplayer on the same screen. We are offering an extremely wide array of multiplayer options for Wii owners that just aren’t found in any other game. With 12-players online, at least 12 maps, 14 unique game modes, voice-chat via the PDP Headbanger headset, Friends and Rivals chat, and a huge variety of weapons and suit upgrades. Players are getting a very robust multiplayer offering along with a thoroughly improved single-player campaign.”

The Conduit 2 was originally slated for release on November 2, but has since been pushed into early 2011. Hladik said this was so High Voltage could “create the best game possible” and add some “extra polish”.

So, look for it in Q1 2011, then, and keep in mind the studio is also discussing the possibility DLC.

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