Study: 63% of console owners think a firmware update enables 3D in the home

By Stephany Nunneley, Tuesday, 5 October 2010 21:39 GMT

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Research firm Interpret conducted an online survey to gauge interest in 3D among 1500 consumers ages 12-65, and to also poll the group on it’s familiarity with the tech.

Surprisingly, it seems the consoles owners who were polled knew the least.

Here’s what the firm found out:

  • 13 percent percent in the market to purchase a new HD TV in the next year will “definitely buy” a 3D-ready set
  • 10 percent in the market to purchase a new HD TV in the next year will “definitely will not buy” a 3D-ready set
  • The most popular reason to get a 3D-ready TV was so consumers could try an replicate a theater experience at home
  • Glasses are the biggest concern with consumers, in terms of expense and discomfort
  • 46 percent those polled who didn’t want a 3D TV said glasses were the main reason
  • 69 percent of those polled felt the price of the sets was more of a financial burden than a benefit
  • 63 percent of console owners think all that’s needs to enable 3D in the home is a firmware update
  • 83 percent of consumers think all 3D requires glasses despite the announcement of 3DS and other glasses-free 3D tech

According to Interpret’s Michael Cai, the release of 3DS is “going to be a very important driver” 3D tech becoming accepted, and suggested that companies hoping to tout 3D as the next big wave of tech will suffer slightly due to the handheld’s worldwide release being held back until 2011.

Via Gamasutra.

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