Kieron Gillen leaves games journalism

By Johnny Cullen, Thursday, 30 September 2010 15:44 GMT


Rock Paper Shotgun writer Kieron Gillen has announced he’s left full-time games journalism after 15 years.

Gillen went freelance in 2003 after leaving PC Gamer, and has gone on to become an exclusive writer of comics at Marvel. He did, however, co-find RPS in 2007 along with Alec Meer, Jim Rossignol and John Walker.

RPS was his last full-time job as a journalist.

“These fifteen years have been a pleasure,” said Gillen in his departing post on RPS.

“This hasn’t been a sudden thing. With the contract signed [with Marvel] I felt it important to give my full, undivided and primary attention to the comic-writing.

“While I’m not on the regular staff I’ll remain a director of RPS, so be involved in shaping the site’s future. More importantly, I remain a gamer whose main response the medium is going on big rants. When I decide I want to write ten thousand words on an indie strategy game no-one else gives a toss about, there’s not a power in the world that can stop me.”

Good luck, chap. And happy birthday as well.

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Kieron Gillen

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