Shank video playback problem “is definitely not the 360’s ‘fault'”

By Patrick Garratt, Friday, 27 August 2010 07:59 GMT


Following reports claiming Klei had blamed old 360s for juddery CG playback in Shank last night, the developer has clarified its remarks saying the issue “is definitely not the 360’s ‘fault’.”

Following the release of the 2D actioner yesterday, Klei posted on the game’s site to say a problem with FMV playback had been acknowledged.

“It appears that some Xbox 360’s are having slower disc access rates due to fragmentation, so the opening cinematic chugs, and loading between levels takes longer — when we tested this on development kits, this never came up so that took us completely by surprise, and we’re looking into it,” said the team.

“Note that the actual game experience is not affected in any way.”

After it was reported that the fault was due to ageing machines, the following edit was posted:

“I want to be clear: this is definitely not the 360’s ‘fault’. It’s our own issue, and it took us by surprise because it didn’t come up during certification. Time for us to go a-fixing!”

The company added: “I’m hearing reports that clearing the System Cache is helping some users. This isn’t a fix (which we’re working on), but hopefully it’ll help some people.”

Shank released yesterday to decent reviews.

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