Blizzard on next StarCraft II expansion: Heart of the Swarm “will be as epic as Wings of Liberty”

By Johnny Cullen, Wednesday, 28 July 2010 17:42 GMT


Still talking about Wings of Liberty? That is, like, so yesterday, girlfriend. Everyone’s on the gravy train for Heart of the Swarm already.

Despite not having formally announced it yet, Blizzard’s Carl Chimes has told CVG the next expansion for StarCraft II “will be as epic” as Wings.

“We’re still in the development process on that and we haven’t even come close to announcing anything yet,” said Chimes during the game’s launch party in London on Monday night.

He goes on to add:”The next one will be Zerg-focused and it will be just as epic as Wings of Liberty.”

Indeed he is correct, the next expansion will be Zerg-based, although what the story will be based on is unknown.

Expect a formal reveal at BlizzCon in October.

A third expansion, Legacy of the Void, based on the Protoss, is also coming. No info has been given on it yet.

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