North America cuts in Vanquish release line, gets it on October 19

By Nathan Grayson, Friday, 9 July 2010 05:10 GMT


Oh come on, North America. Are you really gonna be that guy? Europe and Japan got their places fair and square, and then they blink, and suddenly you’re up front – acting like you’ve been there the whole time?

But then, we suppose it’s not too surprising. After all, if Vanquish is “targeted toward Western audiences,” we figure releasing it in Japan first means Sega kind of missed.

Sega made the October 19 date official over on its blog. In addition, if you pre-order the game from GameStop, you’ll nab access to some exclusive weapons DLC, composed of the Boost Machine Gun, Anti-Armor Pistol, and Laser Cannon, which is the best kind of canon.

Now if they’d just create a downloadable level populated solely by hordes of the GameStop employee who won’t stop asking us to reserve the game. Knee slides, laser cannons, and tortuously drawn-out vengeance – without all that life-sentence nonsense the police that are currently arresting us keep blabbing on about? Count us in!

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