EEDAR: Purchase intent for Move and Kinect is low

By Joe Anderson, Sunday, 27 June 2010 11:26 GMT


A report by analyst EEDAR has suggested purchase intent for both Kinect and PlayStation Move isn’t exactly encouraging.

The report claims interest in both products is “ranked relatively low” on its charts, “despite having high awareness among the core gaming community.”

While more gamers are interested in Kinect than Move, EEDAR said, it’s probably only because the Xbox 360 is in more homes in the US, adding Kinect and Move “showed near equal popularity.”

Data collected from the survey comes from traffic.

A similar report was also released last week from research firm OTX, saying 8 percent of Xbox 360’s market intends to use Kinect, while 6 percent of PS3 owners intend to use Move.

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