Wii is “higher in life-to-date sales” than PS3 or 360, says Reggie

By Joe Anderson, Wednesday, 23 June 2010 19:05 GMT


Reggie Fils-Aime has defended Wii’s falling sales, after comments suggesting the console may have seen its heyday surfaced last week.

Speaking during an investor’s Q&A, Fils-Aime said that in terms of software sales in the US, Nintendo is at the “high water-mark”.

“From a US perspective, we could have just as easily put [out] a chart that shows life-to-date software sales for the Wii, which are dramatically higher than a similar point in time for the PS2, as well as where we stand versus the other two home consoles, which again is dramatically higher in life-to-date sales so far,” he said.

“Certainly, we are at a high water-mark in the absolute. If you look at the number of million-unit-sellers, it is quite impressive.

“I think the bigger challenge is how we enable our third party developers to have similar performance on the platform, have similar long-tail performance, have similar high absolute levels of sales”.

Namco Bandai VP of sales, Olivier Comte, recently said that the “Wii and DS market had collapsed.”

“As we look at the platform, the Wii business certainly has a tremendous amount of life left,” Fils-Aime added.

“And we will see that with titles like Donkey Kong Country Returns, GoldenEye 007, Disney Epic Mickey, and certainly the new Zelda coming in 2011”.

Nintendo revealed its 3DS handheld at E3 last week, along with a massive list of titles slated for the platform.

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