SEGA: More sophisticated Kinect games within a year

By Joe Anderson, Wednesday, 23 June 2010 16:39 GMT


SEGA West president Mike Hayes believes Kinect will receive more sophisticated games as the year goes on.

Speaking with CVG, Hayes said people complaining about Kinect letting the hardcore down at E3 are being a “little harsh”, and that by this time next year  everyone will see what the device is really capable of.

“My guess is when we’re at E3 next year, more of the features of Kinect will be in use by developers,” he said. “I think you’ll find more clever and sophisticated applications then.

“We’re not going to be able to develop something [for the hardcore] in under a year, which is frankly what we’ve had”.

In this regard, Sega is planning to focus on new and original games for the device as time goes on.

“We want to do more clever things on it – create original ways of using it, rather than just taking existing ideas and not just doing the same thing,” said Hayes.

“Having said that, of course, with the success that we’ve had with Wii, there are a lot of motion games we would like to reinvent for Move and Kinect.

“We’ve got one good idea and hopefully something will be out the back end of next year, perhaps early 2012, which we think will use the aspects of Kinect a lot more originally and in a more sophisticated way.”

Mircosoft revealed Kinect at its E3 conference last week.

It’s due for release in November.

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