SEGA: 3DS will appeal to wider audience

By Joe Anderson, Wednesday, 23 June 2010 19:53 GMT


SEGA West president Mike Hayes believes 3DS has the potential to attract a new audience to the handheld gaming sector.

Speaking with, Hayes said he felt the new technology included in 3DS could help broaden the handheld’s appeal.

“With the quality of the device they’ve got, it’s possible they can expand their audience into an older, broader audience,” he said.

Hayes said he’s already very impressed with the type of games in development on 3DS, which Nintendo revealed at E3 last week, and is keen on the impending consumer reaction.

“It was interesting to see games like Saint’s Row on the device,” he said. “If we could bring, let’s say, a House of the Dead or an Aliens title, if the audience for 3DS is much broader it could give us much more scope in that market, and that’s as exciting as well as Mario & Sonic and Monkey Ball games.”

Nintendo hasn’t always had the best of luck appealing to the hardcore audience, with some high profile games failing to shine on Wii.

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