Kotick: Only 30% of Activision profits from console games

By Joe Anderson, Tuesday, 22 June 2010 12:22 GMT


Activision CEO Bobby Kotick has said that only 30 percent of the company’s profits come from console games.

Speaking in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Kotick said that he isn’t too concerned about the decline in retail sales because his company’s profits mostly come from non-console based services.

“I care a lot less,” he said. “It used to be, I would religiously look at weekly retail sell-through data, but it’s a very small part of our business now.

“Today, probably 70 percent of our operating profit comes from non-console-based video games. So, while you might see a month-to-month change or volatility against expectations, that doesn’t really get us too concerned.”

Gamasutra confirmed with Activision the meaning of “non-console-based video games” as it felt it could cover downloadable content such as map packs; however the company replied saying that “non-console-based video games” means just that.

One of the main sources of income for Activision is that of World of Warcraft, which currently has 11.5 million active subscribers.

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