Ninja Theory would love to have made Heavenly Sword 2

By Joe Anderson, Monday, 21 June 2010 18:49 GMT


Ninja Theory has said that it would’ve loved to have made Heavenly Sword 2, but Sony owns the IP.

Speaking in an interview with CVG, studio boss Tameem Antoniades said that the motivation to go multi-format, coupled with the fact that it never made any money from Heavenly Sword, meant that the studio had to move on. Those are fairly powerful motivations.

“We couldn’t do Heavenly Sword 2 as a multi-platform because it’s owned by Sony, the tech we developed for that game is also owned by Sony,” he said.

“There’s a different dynamic with a platform-holder. I mean, we signed up and we were happy to sign up to it because it allowed our studio to grow and we’re really grateful for that, but it feels like, as a studio, we need to think about the next few years, the next games we release.

“We want them to be multi-platform so we had to come up with a new idea.”

The small question of “money” didn’t help matters.

“I don’t know if Sony made any money on Heavenly Sword but we didn’t,” Antoniades added.

“There are pros and cons. If you’re exclusive you get more attention, but when you’re multi-platform, at this stage in the cycle, there’s more competition. You’ve got to weigh it against each other.”

You can read our own interview with Tameem Antoniades, regarding Ninja Theory’s next game, Enslaved, here.

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