inFamous 2 shots light up the net

By Stephany Nunneley, Friday, 18 June 2010 19:27 GMT


Sony has sent over some lovely screens from Sucker Punch’s inFamous 2.

Cole’s hair really is a lovely thing.

Speaking of Cole, those wondering about this new look should know that our protagonist was redesigned thanks to Generation Kill’s Eric Ladin, who’s doing the mo-cap and voice acting for him in the game.

“We got a new actor primarily because we were capturing action and audio at the same time,” game director Nate Fox told CVG. “The old Cole was just a voice actor and since we’re starting motion capture work we wanted to get someone who had the physicality and the voice, which we get simultaneously so we have more nuance in our performance”.

Fox also admitted that the reason Cole didn’t have loads of hair the first time out was because the team didn’t think it could do a good enough job rendering his locks properly.

“Part of the reason Cole had a shaved head in the first game was because we didn’t think we could do a good job of rendering hair very well on the main character,” said Fox. “Now we have better technology and we can give him a sweet head of hair – and lord knows if I could grow out my hair I would do it.”

You can watch the E3 trailer we posted for the game through here.

inFamous 2 is scheduled for 2011.

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