Sony outs Singstar Dance and Singstar Guitar

By Joe Anderson, Wednesday, 16 June 2010 14:19 GMT


Sony has revealed details of Singstar Dance and Singstar Guitar via an interview on

The interview takes place with SingStar producer Jonathan Mead, who explains the main differences between Singstar and the new spin offs.

These titles will allow four people to be involved in the game, all at the same time. This is a very big and exciting thing for us.

“SingStar has a great online community and people are always uploading videos. Often you can see people in the background who want to take part, and this gives them the opportunity to really be involved actively with the people who are singing, whether that’s by dancing or playing guitar.”

He continued to describe the advantages of the new game,

“I think the main advantage is that this will offer our users a much deeper choice of how they interact and play our game.

“Previously it’s just been singing, and some people can be a bit nervous or apprehensive about getting up and singing, even though we try and get round that with the game offering things like two mics, so everyone sings together.

“But now we will offer two modes where you have greater choice of how you want to perform. Users who don’t want to use their vocal chords can play the guitar or can dance around. The main advantage is it’s a wider choice for people to get involved in the game, and perhaps more importantly to all be involved together.”

Mead went on to explain that there will no peripherals released for the device, but said instead that it will work with existing guitar peripherals that you have bought for the PS3.

“As long as you have one of those it will be compatible with the game. In terms of dancing, all you’ll need is the PlayStation Move controller and the PlayStation Eye camera, and then you should be away.”

Sony also went on to reveal that both SingStar Guitar and SingStar Dance will have a presence on the SingStore, with new packs and gameplay modes being released over time.

You can check out the full interview here.

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