David Hayter not signed up for Metal Gear Solid: Rising

By Johnny Cullen, Friday, 11 June 2010 15:13 GMT

MGS Rising

Metal Gear Solid: Rising maybe heading for an E3 re-reveal and all that, but it looks like someone won’t be part of the celebrations. A certain David Hayter.

The actor behind Solid Snake for the past 12 years, from Metal Gear Solid to Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, has told MTV Multiplayer that he hasn’t been signed up yet to be in the game.

That’s despite the Solid Snake story arc concluding with Guns of the Patriots and Rising being all about MGS2’s Raiden.

“I don’t know if I’m doing ‘Metal Gear Rising,” he said. “Nobody’s contacted me about it, so I have no idea.”

But there might be some hope yet.

“They usually call me once the Japanese game is done and they’re starting to get into the English translation,” said Hayter. “So we’re not completely done, but it’s on its way by the time they get in touch with me.”

Konami’s E3 presser is on Wednesday. You’d be a fucking fool to miss it now. Get the timing for it here.

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