Square Enix: Nomura to “cause an impact” at E3 next week

By Johnny Cullen, Tuesday, 8 June 2010 07:34 GMT


Tetsuya Nomura is set to light up E3 with the reveal of a new Kingdom Hearts title next week. But there may just be more than that on the way from him at the show.

SE producer Shinji Hashimoto has tweeted once again on the firm’s Japanese Members account, saying this time that with him and Nomura in LA next week, “an impact” will be made at the show.

“This E3, because director Nomura is accompanying me, I think we can deliver information that will [cause] an impact,” according to the tweet made by Hashimoto, translated by SCRAWL.

That tweet could possibly be meant for the new Kingdom Hearts title, yes. But it could also be meant for other things Nomura is working on. Final Fantasy Versus XIII, for one: he’s directing it after all.

He’s also character designer on The 3rd Birthday and Final Fantasy Agito XIII. Those two could be heading for a western reveal.

There might be some stuff not yet revealed as well: Nomura has said there’s still unannounced stuff to be revealed between E3 and winter.

Square Enix hasn’t actually announced a press conference yet for E3, but has held one in the past two years after massive announcements at the show. In 2008, soon after announcing FFXIII for 360, Hashimoto and game producer Yoshinori Kitase were at a Q&A session immediately after the reveal.

Last year, after the reveal of Final Fantasy XIV, the firm held a similar Q&A for the MMO.

If it does have a press conference, we will, naturally, be on top of it.

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