Trent Reznor “unlikely” to score music for DOOM 4

By Johnny Cullen, Friday, 4 June 2010 09:45 GMT


Hoping for some Nine Inch Nails-esque music when playing DOOM 4 when it releases this side of the moon? Don’t bet on it, champ.

The NIN frontman, currently fronting a new project called How to Destroy Angels, said it was “unlikely” to see him score music to the game.

He previously did work with developer id on previous titles Quake and DOOM 3, although the latter of which never had any of the stuff he created due to being cut.

“I haven’t been contacted by them and find it unlikely that I would have time at this point,” said Reznor on the HTDA blog when asked if he’d be involved.

Oh well. Radiohead instead, anyone?

Thanks, Kotaku.

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