Alan Wake DLC Pack 3 hitting later this year

By Stephany Nunneley, Thursday, 3 June 2010 00:04 GMT


Remedy’s Matias Myllyrinne has said that along with “The Signal” and “The Writer”, a third DLC pack for Alan Wake is expected to be released this year.

Speaking with MTV, Myllyrinne wouldn’t discuss the pack any further, but did give the site loads of information on The Signal, which is expected to hit XBL on July 27.

Read no further if you have yet to play the game and wish to remain pure and unspoiled.

Apparently, The Signal takes place after the events in the game, and the strange world the writer is in at the end “won’t be grounded in the realm that we inhabit right now”.

Basically, say so long to the “reality” of Bright Falls.

“We have a nifty way of moving [the story] forward and materializing that into gameplay and storytelling without going into a mode of weirdness,” said Myllyrinne.

“For a thriller to work you need it to be grounded in reality. Otherwise all bets are off because the rules don’t really apply.

“So we wanted to have it kind of grounded in reality but also to take a more twisted take, because this is an extreme place and position he finds himself in.”

Myllyrinne goes on to confirm that The Signal will have “real-looking environments, but there’s something off” about them.


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