Red Dead Redemption co-op Trophies added

By Joe Anderson, Sunday, 30 May 2010 12:00 GMT


Rockstar has added some co-op Trophies to Red Dead Redemption via a new patch.

The Trophies are in relation to the free Outlaws to the End co-op downloadable pack, which will be released next month.

The new DLC will allow up to four players to some of the missions, which will include tasks such as taking control of a mining camp to steal gold, or rafting down a river, taking out enemies on the way.

The Trophies added are as follows, spoilers obviously included:

  • Well Done – Bronze – Complete a co-op Mission
  • Have posse, will travel – Bronze – Complete all co-op missions
  • 2 Guys, 1 co-op – Bronze – Complete co-op mission with 2 people
  • Stake a claim – Bronze – Get a gold medal in any co-op mission
  • Struck gold – Bronze – Gold medal in all co-op missions
  • Friends indeed – Bronze – Complete a co-op mission without dieing
  • You rule – Bronze – Complete all advanced co-op missions
  • Your mother iode – Bronze – Gold medal in all advanced co-op missions
  • Dodge this – Bronze – Achieve a kill chain of 10 or more in any advanced co-op mission
  • Bulletproof – Bronze – Complete a co-op mission without dieing

Outlaws to the End was announced earlier this month and Rockstar has promised that more DLC is to come.

We’re not sure if the same Achievements have been added to the 360 version.

Thanks, PSLS.

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