Guerilla: 3D “a fantastic way to immerse yourself” in Killzone 3

By Johnny Cullen, Tuesday, 25 May 2010 12:10 GMT


Guerilla Games boss Hermen Hulst has said to VG247 that 3D in Killzone 3 will be “a fantastic way to immerse yourself” in the world of Helghan.

Speaking to us after the formal reveal of the shooter sequel in Holland last week, Hulst also said that if you don’t have a 3D TV, you won’t necessarily be getting the weaker of two presentations between 2D and 3D.

“I don’t necessarily think that should be the case,” said Hulst.

“3D is part of the same build. You’ve seen 2D and 3D right now. It’s something that we switch on. I personally think it helps a lot with reading the environment. The reason you can aim better is that you have more depth, and you can judge where your enemies are based.”

He went on to add: “I just know that in general, it’s a fantastic way to immerse yourself in that world, to transpose almost, to really feel that you’re there. Because of that, you get a great sense of where you are, for the depth and for the environment. In that sense, it really enhances.”

He also described in detail a little bit on how Killzone 3D would work.

“For instance, if you do a lean and peak, or if you have an object really close and take out your knife, it really comes out of the screen,” he said. “Other things are pushed back into the screen. It really creates such a deep sense of immersion that it helps you with things such as aiming, because you know where your enemies are. You get a better, more organic feel for where they sit.”

The game releases next year. Get our full interview with Hermen Hulst here.

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