Guitar Hero 6 info from OXM hits the net

By Stephany Nunneley, Saturday, 15 May 2010 16:30 GMT


Information pertaining to Guitar Hero 6 has landed on the net, thanks to AGB posting scans of Official Xbox 360 magazine.

Expected to hit later in the year, according to the mag, you won’t be playing as any famous rock star this time out, but there will be some making cameos, most notably, Gene Simmons who will narrate an all new Quest Mode.

In it, you will be starting out from scratch, and as you go along, you will recruit rock stars like Metallica’s Lars Ulrich and unlock their songs.

Once you complete those, it will unlock an alter-ego who has a special ability, “like Warrior Lars who gains a multiplier of X6 instead of the standard x4”.

Here’s the list of what’s been done to the game, courtesy of GoNintendo:

  • Back to basics approach
  • Past Guitar Hero characters return
  • Recruit each character by playing their song sets
  • Unlock their alter-ego and gimmick (Lars becomes Warrior Lars, and Allows you to get a x6 multiplier)
  • Quickplay feature revamped
  • Carry over previous DLC
  • Streakers, Momentum, Do or Die now available in online competitive modes
  • New Power Challengers
  • Queen, Kiss, Black Sabbath confirmed
  • Quest Mode features Gene Simmons as narrator
  • Sustain open notes when playing bass
  • CBGB is the only real-world location to appear
  • No real-world celebrities as playable characters
  • Much bigger focus on rock ‘n’ roll

Still no date. Still no official press release. Shouldn’t be long now, though.

Thanks, Made2Game.

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