Dead Space 2: Visceral wants to make sure fans are “happy” with sequel

By Stephany Nunneley, Thursday, 13 May 2010 21:12 GMT


Visceral’s Steve Papoutsis has told VG247 that the development team has listened very closely to feedback from fans and focus testing, and used all the information obtained to balance both the action and the atmosphere in Dead Space 2.

Speaking with Joe Anderson during EA’s spring showcase in London, Papoutsis said that the team’s main goal with the game, is to make sure that those who supported the previous one are happy with what is delivered.

“One of the focuses of the development team is to listen to the various types of feedback,” the executive producer told us. ”

We do different sets of focus testing, we’re always checking out our Facebook page to see what the community is saying, and we have to balance all that feedback, as you said, to make sure that the game comes out as the players want it.

“One of our goals with the game, is to make sure that when we release it, is making sure that it surpasses what we did with the previous game. That’s important to us.

“Also, another thing that’s important to us, is for the people that have supported us this long, that have been into the franchise, are happy with what we deliver.

“So, we’re paying a lot of attention, we’re going back and forth as far as a lot of different tweaks and things that we’re going to do to the game to make sure it’s a game that people want”.

Dead Space 2 is on the books for Q4 of EA’s FY11, which means it will hit
sometime between January and March 2011

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