Pachter: RTS is for the PC hardcore

By Joe Anderson, Sunday, 9 May 2010 07:52 GMT


Speaking on the latest version of GameTrailers show Pach Attack, Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Patcher has said that he believes RTS games will never be as popular on consoles as they are on the PC.

In response to a question regarding where he thinks the future of the RTS lies, Patcher said:

“I have long been baffled as to why RTS games don’t work on consoles. I think it is partly because of the nature of the gameplay, it’s single-player and it’s turn-based.

“I play them a lot on my work PC, and I think games like this probably started with slackers like me who play games at work and don’t tell their bosses about it.

“For some reason, I think they just appeal to the more hardcore PC gamers. I personally play PC games more than any other genre, I just don’t like PC gamers that’s all.”

Patcher is, of course, one of the most opinionated guys in the industry. But then, it’s his job to be.

We took a look at the future of RTS not so long ago – see here.

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Michael Pachter