Nintendo has plans in place to combat piracy on 3DS

By Stephany Nunneley, Saturday, 8 May 2010 19:55 GMT


Nintendo president Satoru Iwata revealed Friday – following the company’s earnings report – that there are plans in place to combat the growing problem with piracy of DS games.

According to the Associated Press, Nintendo’s plans will be implemented with the release of 3DS, slated for retail by March 2011.

Declining to comment on the nature of the plans due to what he called giving “hints” the offenders, Iwata admitted that because piracy was so widespread, the public was becoming more accepting of it.

“We fear a kind of thinking is become widespread that paying for software is meaningless,” he said. “We have a strong sense of crisis about this problem.”

Piracy in Asia and Europe was blamed as a contributing factor for Nintendo’s 50 percent drop in DS game sales in Europe, leading the company to claim that DS software “had been pirated a total 238 million times”.

On a side-note, Iwata also revealed that once 3DS is released, you can turn the 3D capabilities off should you experience health issues triggered by the tech.

Via Fortune.

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