Willits: Rage has “complete ending”, will leave doors open for future

By Johnny Cullen, Friday, 7 May 2010 09:15 GMT


id Software’s creative director Tim Willits has revealed that Rage will get a conclusive ending, but doors will be left open for the IP’s future.

Speaking to Shack at Bethesda’s US pre-E3 event, Willits said the IP could “go in different directions”.

“When the game ends, it’s has a complete ending,” he said. “But, like Star Wars, there’s always things that can go in different directions. We felt that new technology, new IP, let’s build a universe that really allows us to do some very creative, fascinating things.”

Willits also explained why id went for the post-apocalyptic setting.

“One of the reasons is that when John [Carmack] had created this technology [Tech5], he actually downloaded NASA geographic data,” he said. ‘We looked at that and, “Oh, we can make a game like this! Okay, it’s gotta be big outdoors. Yeah, that’s awesome. And then we’ll have cars? Oh yeah, that’s cool. We need to put guns in the cars! Well, that limits that.'”

He further added: “We found that we wanted to have a setting that allows us to do this kind over-the-top sci-fi stuff that we like to do at id, but we wanted to have stuff that people could relate to: muscle cars and stuff. The post-apocalyptic setting just worked out really well for us, it allowed us to have a rich environment with the over-the-top gameplay.”

We spoke to Tim Willits at Bethesda’s European pre-E3 last week. Get the full interview here.

Rage releases in 2011 for PS3, 360, PC and Mac.

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