Splash Damage stays mum on DLC plans for Brink

By Johnny Cullen, Tuesday, 4 May 2010 15:33 GMT

Brink 2

Anyone on the edge of their seats on possible Brink DLC plans may want to move back an inch or two: developer Splash Damage is saying nowt.

In a demo shown to VG247 at a Bethesda press event in France last week, there was an option on its main menu called “downloadable content”. Telling, yes? SD’s still not saying a peep.

“We can’t talk about that as yet,” the game’s writer Ed Stern told us in an interview last Tuesday when asked about any possible plans.

“I mean, to avoid that question entirely, we want to make sure that on release day, the kind of out-of-the-box thing of the game is as good as possible.”

But that was the day before our demo with the Splash Damage actioner. What about afterwards?

“Really at the moment, all we’re doing is what every good game developer should do, which is to make sure our game supports that kind of technology,” CEO Paul Wedgwood told VG247 in a talk soon after the game was shown off.

“But right now, we’re just focusing on Brink 1. I think there’s loads of great potential for things that could be done, but really, I just want the studio to focus on this game first, get everything done, make sure that we’re really happy with it.”

There you have it, then.

Brink releases this fall for 360, PC and PS3.

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