Halo “Birth of a Spartan” live-action teaser springs forth from Microsoft’s womb

By Nathan Grayson, Wednesday, 28 April 2010 05:00 GMT


The road to Spartan-hood is paved with needles and baldness, if this brand new live-action Halo Reach teaser is anything to go on.

Sure enough, these guys and gals trains their lives away, then go under the knife in risky experimental surgeries. And if they’re lucky enough to walk away on a pair of non-permanently-crippled legs, they’re flung straight onto the front lines.

Whereupon, they are – in all likelihood – instantly mowed down and teabagged by jerks like you. See it all – minus the suggestive crouching motions – below.

You know, eventually, if we get enough of these things, maybe we’ll be able to piece them together and make that Halo movie they keep promising us.

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