Rank 50 in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 takes about 282 hours

By Patrick Garratt, Thursday, 22 April 2010 08:23 GMT


And you thought MMOs were the only kind of horror time-sink.

Reaching Rank 50 in Bad Company 2 takes around 282 hours – or 11 days and 18 hours – to reach, Joystiq reports.

That’s according to Darius Kazemi, president of Orbus Gameworks, a consulting company that helps game developers keep track of what players are doing in-game.

The average Rank 50 player has invested 295 hours to attain the goal.

Think about that.

Here’s a breakdown of Kazemi’s data:

Average times spent playing Battlefield: Bad Company 2:

  • Rank 1-10 players spent 3-24 hours in-game
  • Rank 11-20 players spent 25-44 hours in-game
  • Rank 21-30 players spent 48-100 hours in-game
  • Rank 31-40 players spent 111-221 hours in-game
  • Rank 41-50 players spent 228-295 hours in-game

That’s a lot of time. Shooting people in the face really will never be boring, will it?

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