Crackdown 2 to have “thousands of enemies on screen”

By Stephany Nunneley, Wednesday, 14 April 2010 17:23 GMT


Ruffian has revealed that Crackdown 2 will contain “thousands of enemies on screen” and the multiplayer portion is going to be “insane”.

According to executive producer Peter Connelly, there is also a difference between Pacific City at night and how it is during the day.

“At night, Pacific City has been overrun with freaks and during the day you’ve got to battle against The Cell, which is the remnants of the gangs and civilians who have joined together against The Agency,” Connelly told GameTrailers.

“So you’ve got quite a formidable set of adversaries and then thousands of characters at night on screen for you to mow over or eradicate which ever way you see fit.”

“You’ve a bigger uber-mission and more of a focus in terms of the mission structure… We like to think of Crackdown 2 as very much a toy box for people to experience and play with. And we’ve given them more toys to use in that toy box this time round.

“We’ve also greatly enhanced it with four player co-op, so that’s twice the trouble we had last time and twice the fun that we had last time. Then we’ve got the 16-player multiplayer… which is insanity, chaos and great fun.”

Connelly also goes on to discuss the mission structure in the game, and how it’s deeper and has more for people to “get their teeth into” than the last outing.

Crackdown 2 was recently rated M by the ESRB, unsurprisingly, and you can expect it to hit shelves in July for Xbox 360.

More on the game is expected to be revealed during E3.

Via CVG.

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