Rumour – Star Wars: Battlefront Online canceled

By Johnny Cullen, Friday, 9 April 2010 08:44 GMT


Remember Star Wars: Battlefront Online? The multiplayer-only title apparently in development at SOCOM: Confrontation devs Slant Six? It’s no more, apparently.

Sources have told Kotaku the project was canned after LucasArts realized that it had too many Star Wars games due for 2011, which Battlefront Online was aiming for. When it became clear it wouldn’t make 2010, the firm canceled development, with S6 laying off staff because of it.

The studio’s managing director Brian Thalken has confirmed to Gamespot recently that staff were laid off. but did say he was looking to bring back “as many of these staff members as possible”.

Battlefront Online was seen at the time as the phoenix that rose out of the ashes that was Battlefront III from Free Radical, now Crytek UK.

But we guess that’s all she wrote on that chapter, then.

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Star Wars: Battlefront Online