Sega cans developer of Iron Man, Golden Axe: Beast Rider

By Nathan Grayson, Saturday, 3 April 2010 05:46 GMT


Yesterday, rumors circulated that Sega Studios San Francisco wasn’t long for this world.

Today, the world’s down precisely one game developer. Can you guess which one?

“Sega of America is sad to announce the closure of Sega Studios San Francisco,” a Sega rep told Industry Gamers. “It is an immensely talented studio and we wish all the best to all of the staff in all their future endeavors. Moving forward, Sega will continue to pursue external development opportunities all over the world and will continue to grow the renowned Sega brand.”

The studio’s final will and testament comes in the form of Iron Man 2, which was presumably finished before today’s closure.

Despite the fact that it’s Good Friday, we doubt this one’s coming back in three days. Best of luck, all.

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