Zombies invade Australia, protest lack of R18+ game rating

By Stephany Nunneley, Wednesday, 31 March 2010 19:00 GMT


Zombies invaded Australia again this year. Luckily for the continent they weren’t the types hellbent on a gray matter feast, though.

Instead, the undead came in droves to protest the lack of an R18+ game rating.

Slowing meandering around Sydney, an estimated 500 zombies met in Sydney’s Hyde Park.

In true zombie form, they reveled in music and beer following their leisurely walk around the city.

Wait. Something is not quite right with that visual image.

Beer? Music? Zombies? Sydney?

No matter. It happened. Proof can be found over on YouTube, courtesy of Kotaku.

And R18+ rating is up for debate amongst lawmakers in April, and new Attorney General John Rau seems keen on the idea.

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South Australia Attorney General John Rau