Microsoft: No new Game Room games until “late April”

By Nathan Grayson, Tuesday, 30 March 2010 02:41 GMT


Retro fans who – somewhat perplexingly – bought a new console to play old games, prepare to be disappointed.

“Just wanted to provide some clarification on when you can expect to see new games up on Game Room, as there appears to be some confusion around that area.  New games will be added to the service every week, starting in late April,” said a Microsoft community manager on the official Xbox forums.

Now, you could be upset about this, but then you’d be tossing your oldschool cred right out the window. Why? Simple. Real arcades didn’t magically grow brand new games each week – slowly gobbling up real estate in order to house more arcade cabinets until your entire town disappeared off the face of the earth, replaced by never-ending rows of people staring into Space Invaders screens.

But – now that we think about it – it would’ve been kind of cool if they did. Also terrifying.

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