Rockstar going for a “different approach” with LA Noire

By Johnny Cullen, Tuesday, 16 March 2010 11:40 GMT


Rockstar’s told Edge that it’s going for a “different approach” with LA Noire when it releases later this year.

Speaking to the mag, VP of product development at the publisher Jeronimo Barrera said: “We’ve kind of gone for a different approach which is more like real-world detective work.

“Even though you could say it’s like GTA because you have this open city you can run around in, it’s paced completely differently. To us that’s what we have to sell: ‘Look, it’s not super-high action like GTA, though there is action, but it is as compelling because of the interactions the characters are having.”

Brendan McNamara, founder and head of developer Team Bondi, said: “The risk Rockstar took was buying in to my idea – that we could make a huge genre in movies and literature work in games when no one else had.

“Hopefully we’ll make the audience take a few leaps. That’s always scary but I think a lot of people will appreciate that stuff too. We’re never trying to dumb it down for people. I think you should assume your audience is pretty smart.”

LA Noire is due out this fall for PS3 and 360.

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